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Fall Asleep Faster with FRENZ

100 VITA +

Fall Asleep Faster with FRENZ

Fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up refreshed with the revolutionary sleep wearable

Designed for all adult head sizes and sleep positions, FRENZ Brainband and FRENZ mobile app provide real-time sleep scoring, and bone conduction to deliver personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) audio sessions.

How does it work?

  • Measuring brain biometrics every second, FRENZ gathers feedback on what helps you relax and then selects a personalized playlist, to help boost your sleep quality.
  • The comfortable built-in bone-conduction speakers create a sleep-dome music effect. FRENZ detects how close you are to falling asleep and gently fades out the audio gradually as you get to dreamland.
  • FRENZ interprets data, including sleep stages, with exceptional precision while you’re sleeping. Knowing your sleep cycle, it works like a smart alarm and will wake you up at the right time.

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Available to members with 100 VITA or more