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Hack your Metabolism with Lumen

100 VITA +

Hack your Metabolism with Lumen

The Lumen Metabolic Coach is the world’s first non-invasive, handheld device and app combination, working together to revolutionize metabolic tracking.

A quick, 15-second breath measurement enables the analysis of key metabolic signals, including:

  • Your real-time usage of metabolic fuel (what percentage of fat and carbs you’re burning)
  • A metabolic score based on your breath over time
  • A detailed understanding of the factors impacting your metabolic health, when combined with your lifestyle data (sleep, exercise, cycle tracking, etc.)

The app then provides insights into how your lifestyle impacts your metabolic health alongside tailored guidance to optimize nutrition, workout regimens, and overall health for your unique body.

Cut through the noise of generic health solutions and understand what’s right for your unique body! As a VitaDAO member you now get $100 off any plan!

Available to members with 100 VITA or more