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Optimise 67 Biomarkers in 1 Blood Test

100 VITA +

Optimise 67 Biomarkers in 1 Blood Test

Mito Health specialises in measuring and optimising your health baseline, with their newly curated panel of 67 advanced biomarkers - to form a science-based, personalised health plan to add healthier years to your life. 

Mito's Longevity Health Screening includes:

  • 67 advanced biomarkers that scan for hundreds of health risks & conditions in 1 simple test. 

  • Personalised recommendations based on your test results to optimise your diet, supplement & fitness regimes.

  • Lifetime access to a secure dashboard for test results, personalised health program, & bookings of advanced screenings / re-tests. View dashboard demo.

  • Member-exclusive rates for advanced screenings such as LUCENCE Insight early multi-cancer screening, DEXA Scan, VO2 Max, Hormonal health, Allergy panel & more. 

As a VitaDAO member, you get $40 off Mito's Longevity Health Screening. Schedule your appointment today for a home-based health screening or visit their new wellness centre: Trapeze Rec Club in Singapore.

Available to members with 100 VITA or more