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Stay "Younger for Longer" with NOVOS

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Stay "Younger for Longer" with NOVOS

By carefully targeting multiple causes of aging simultaneously, NOVOS creates synergistic effects that go beyond individual components. That’s why they designed the world’s first solution to simultaneously address the 12 scientifically proven root causes of aging, made of 13 natural ingredients. These ingredients are backed by more than 435 longevity focused scientific studies + independent lab experiments.

In in-vitro human cell studies, NOVOS supplements were shown to reduce DNA damage from irradiation by up to 77% and inhibit cellular senescence. 73% of human subjects from an in-vivo case study saw a decrease in their biological pace of aging after incorporating the supplements into their dietary routines.

NOVOS also offers an at-home test kit "NOVOS Age", providing you with a deeper understanding of how your longevity lifestyle is impacting how fast, or slow, you're aging!

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