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The All-In-One DNA Health Test

100 VITA +

The All-In-One DNA Health Test

Your DNA is the foundation of your health. See how Nucleus helps you mitigate diseases, make healthier decisions and live with confidence.

More DNA means better insights. Nucleus gives you dramatically better health insights by sequencing 1,000x more DNA than 23andMe, Ancestry, and similar tests.

Test once, yours for life. With your Nucleus membership, you’ll get access to a growing list of health features that adapt to cutting-edge research and changes in your lifestyle.

How it works:

  1. Delivered to your home
  2. Swab and send
  3. Enjoy whole-genome insights

Get started with your whole-genome kit today, and enjoy 10% off Nucleus Premium as a VitaDAO member.

Available to members with 100 VITA or more