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Optimize your metabolism with Nutrisense's CGM

100 VITA +

Optimize your metabolism with Nutrisense's CGM

The Nutrisense CGM Program pairs powerful data and expert guidance to set you on the path to improved metabolic health.

Your glucose curve is as unique as your fingerprint. By monitoring glucose in real-time, you receive personalized feedback on how your body is operating and what you need to do to improve your overall health. 

All the pillars of Nutrisense's program work together to get you towards your goal:

  1. Dietitian for Guidance
  2. CGM for Insights
  3. App for Accountability
  4. Community for Learning and Support

Discover and reach your health potential with Nutrisense. As a VitaDAO member, you now get $75 off your first month!

Available to members with 100 VITA or more