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20% off medical-quality diagnostic testing for your reproductive health

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20% off medical-quality diagnostic testing for your reproductive health

Proov offers medical-quality diagnostic testing and support for your reproductive health whether you're actively trying to get pregnant or just thinking about it.

Are you struggling with fertility issues? The ovaries could be the first to show signs of the overall process of accelerated aging. Which means that if a woman shows signs of low fertility in her 30s , this is a sign of overall aging and shouldn't be ignored even if there is no desire to have children.

As a VitaDAO member, you now get 20% off Proov's at-home tests to assist in understanding and optimizing your fertility! 

Proov's Complete Testing System gives insights into your ovarian reserve, finds up to 6 fertile days, and confirms successful ovulation during the implantation window. With Proov Reserve, you can check on your ovarian reserve status.

The free Proov Insight app makes it easy to keep track of testing and interpret your results to give you an estimate of where your egg count stands. It even gives you an actionable fertility hormone report, so you can make a plan for now, or later. 

Proov also offers tests for men. 1 in 6 couples struggle with infertility and 50% of the time a male issue contributes. The Proov + Yo test measures both your sperm motility and sperm count.

Having a hard time interpreting the results? 
Then you can book a medical consultation. In a 30-minute session, a fertility specialist will take a complete medical history for both partners, assess your Proov testing results, and recommend further testing and/or treatment, if medically appropriate.


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