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Discover your Biological Age

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Discover your Biological Age

TruDiagnostic is home to the largest, private epigenetic database in the world, and is leading the way in DNA methylation-based research and discovery.

Rooted in proven and transparent science, TruDiagnostic offers the most advanced epigenetic analysis currently available! By examining more than one million locations on your DNA and using the latest generation technology to interpret our findings, TruDiagnostic ensures that your results are not only accurate, but actionable!

When your body is aging faster than the calendar’s progression of time, you are experiencing accelerated biological aging; the #1 predictor of chronic disease. So discover your biological age, and steer your anti-aging or health and wellness journey in the right direction! As a VitaDAO member you get 12% off all TruDiagnostic tests!

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