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Real-time Nutrition and Fitness Tracking

100 VITA +

Real-time Nutrition and Fitness Tracking

Ultrahuman correlates your HRV, Sleep and Glucose metrics to decode your recovery and metabolic functions. The glucose data from the M1 in convergence with the movement, body and sleep data from Ring AIR will provide deep correlations to improve your metabolic health!

Currently available:

  • Ultrahuman M1 CGM - Supercharge your nutrition and exercise performance using glucose biomarkers.
  • Ultrahuman Ring Air - The world's most comfortable and compact smart ring that monitors your sleep, movement, and recovery.

Soon to be added to their product range:

  • Ultrahuman Home - A silent and sophisticated home health device that monitors environmental markers that affect your health every day.

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Clinically validated: Ultrahuman's latest study validates the clinical-grade accuracy of the Metabolic Score via their M1. This novel research demonstrates a link between Metabolic Score, insulin sensitivity, and inflammation. Read the study, published in Nature, here.

Available to members with 100 VITA or more