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At Home Blood Tests in Dubai with Valeo

100 VITA +

At Home Blood Tests in Dubai with Valeo

Experience the ease of blood tests and lab services from the comfort of your home with Valeo, available in Dubai. 

As a Valeo user, you can take control of your health with expert consultations, personalized treatment plans, and top-quality supplements. All are accessible through a user-friendly app and website.

How it works:

1. Book your test: Choose the time & place that best suits you for your blood sample collection by a certified nurse.
2. Receive results on your personal email / in the app: Get your results explained to you in simple, easy to understand terms along with actionable insights in the Valeo app.
As a VitaDAO member, you now get 20% off all Valeo packages (at-home blood tests, IV drips, and supplements)!

Available to members with 100 VITA or more